Some useful information on COVID-19

Dear resident, I hope you are as well as you can be in this uncertain moment. Because you are getting many COVID-19 emails, I will be brief.

Here is some information I think you will find useful as we weather this storm together, and weather it we will. Please hang in there and take care of each other.

We are all monitoring the number of COVID-19 cases to see the effectiveness of our public health response. Here is the Governor’s special page that will update the case count at 10:00AM daily.

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Keeping the Silver Spring Circle on track

Last month I learned that the County Executive has proposed to delay the Fenton St. Cycletrack bikeway, which is a key part of the Silver Spring Circle.

In response, Councilmember Glass and I wrote the following letter to the County Executive urging him to advance this critical project with all due haste. I will fight hard through the Council’s budget process to get this project back on track.

Dear County Executive Elrich:

Like you, we are committed to Vision Zero and achieving zero deaths on our roadways by 2030. We were pleased to see the County’s Vision Zero efforts—in particular the Silver Spring Circle (a network of protected bicycle lanes and intersections)—play such a prominent role in your State of the County Address. We agree that pedestrian and bicyclist safety must be a much higher priority. Keep Reading >>

Jobs: We can do this

Dear resident,

You may have seen the recent Washington Post stories about economic challenges facing Montgomery County. As Northern Virginia’s tech sector booms, our job growth is lagging.

We urgently need a new vision and action to grow our job base. We can do it — by understanding our strengths and investing in them.

Looking at economic powerhouses like Boston or the Bay Area, it is clear that research institutions — usually major universities — are driving innovation and economic growth.

That is why I am so excited about my recent engagements with our Federal research labs, such as the National Cancer Institute of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and others. Keep reading >>

What we accomplished in 2019

Dear resident,

Following is a detailed report about my work this past year as your Councilmember. This list is progress that we made together.

Progressive leadership requires making tough decisions and getting the basics right. You can’t reach high from a wobbly foundation.

That’s why I focus every day on making the kinds of forward thinking changes that we need to position Montgomery County for future success and prosperity.

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Council creates Police Advisory Commission

I am pleased to let you know that the County Council unanimously passed legislation I authored to establish a Police Advisory Commission.

I am writing to share some background about the proposal and what I hope it can achieve. You can watch a video of my remarks at Council here.

I support our police officers without hesitation. They serve our community under tremendous pressure. We are all fortunate for the work they do, day in and day out, to keep us safe.

The Washington Post editorial board, which pushed hard for the bill, says it “could prompt other localities to fashion more meaningful civilian oversight of law enforcement.”

I also support police reform, because the police profession needs to constantly evolve and improve as our challenges change. And like jurisdictions across the country, we too have our share of issues that need to be addressed. Keep reading >>