Council creates Police Advisory Commission

I am pleased to let you know that the County Council unanimously passed legislation I authored to establish a Police Advisory Commission.

I am writing to share some background about the proposal and what I hope it can achieve. You can watch a video of my remarks at Council here.

I support our police officers without hesitation. They serve our community under tremendous pressure. We are all fortunate for the work they do, day in and day out, to keep us safe.

The Washington Post editorial board, which pushed hard for the bill, says it “could prompt other localities to fashion more meaningful civilian oversight of law enforcement.”

I also support police reform, because the police profession needs to constantly evolve and improve as our challenges change. And like jurisdictions across the country, we too have our share of issues that need to be addressed. Keep reading >>

Montgomery County Council adopts landmark legislation to create Policing Advisory Commission

Councilmember Riemer’s bill will create a new body to bring police and communities together and improve police policies and procedures

ROCKVILLE, Md., December 3, 2019—The Montgomery County Council today unanimously adopted Bill 14-19, introduced by Councilmember Hans Riemer, creating a Policing Advisory Commission. Councilmembers Will Jawando, Tom Hucker and Evan Glass were cosponsors of Bill 14-19.

The goal of the Commission is to improve Council oversight of the Montgomery County Police Department (MCPD) and strengthen community trust in police. The Commission will advise the Council on policing matters, provide information regarding best practices, and recommend policies and programs.

“We have an excellent police department staffed by conscientious public servants,” Riemer said. “But we are not immune to the challenges that communities are facing all over the country. Montgomery County can be part of the solution by embracing a new approach that centers police work in community participation and community values.” Keep reading >>

Councilmember Riemer applauds Council passage of Transportation Demand Management legislation

Bill 36-18 creates new framework to reduce traffic and streamline development review process

Rockville, Md., Dec. 3, 2019—Today the Council unanimously adopted Bill 36-18 to comprehensively amend the County’s Transportation Demand Management law, especially as it applies to new development in the County. Introduced by former County Executive Isiah Leggett at the end of his term, the legislation is the result of a multi-year interagency working group formed under former Department of Transportation Director Al Roshdieh after requests from Councilmember Hans Riemer and former Councilmember Roger Berliner. Keep reading >>

Zonificación para un futuro inalámbrico

Lo más probable es que esté leyendo este correo electrónico desde su teléfono. (¡Hola!)

También me atrevería a apostar a que su teléfono es solo uno de los varios dispositivos inalámbricos o de WiFi en su hogar.

En nuestro mundo cada vez más digital, la conectividad inalámbrica es esencial para todas las clases de tecnologías imaginables, desde teléfonos y tabletas hasta autobuses y trenes de Metro hasta equipos médicos.

La tecnología avanza cada vez más rápido, las redes de comunicación inalámbrica serán aún más amplias y generalizadas en el futuro.

Pero las reglas que guían la infraestructura de las redes inalámbricas en el Condado de Montgomery son obsoletas.

Si no se cambian las reglas, estas dificultarán nuestro acceso a la tecnología inalámbrica 5G, la cual es la próxima generación de conectividad. Incluso obstaculizarán nuestro continuo acceso a la actual tecnología inalámbrica 4G.

Entiendo que los residentes del condado subestimen el servicio inalámbrico. Gran parte del condado de Montgomery está cubierto por las redes inalámbricas más rápidas en el país. Siga leyendo >>