Daily journal, 08-18-11

Are you in a farm share? For the past few years I have shared a
subscription to the Licking Creek Farm run by Esther Siegel and Mike
Tabor. From spring through late fall, we get a weekly pickup not far
from the house of organic produce from their farm in PA. It’s been a
good experience although I will confess the extra trip for food is
sometimes a challenge.

In any event I was reading about a city council that organized a “CSA”
or farm share for council members and staff and I thought we should
try that! But maybe we could also persuade all county agencies to
host a CSA for their employees, from farms here in Montgomery County.
If folks could pick up the produce at their offices that would be a
big bonus. So I tossed the idea over to Steve Silverman and Jeremy
Criss at the Department of Economic Development and Bruce Adams in the
Office of Community Engagement. I was particularly inspired to make
the suggestion after reviewing an invitation to an event at The Red
Wiggler Farm, based in the Ag Reserve. These things all fit together.

We’ll see where this goes…

And I would be remiss if I did not note that Karen Jackson Walker, my mother
in law, is working hard to promote CSAs from her position at USDA,
where the initiative is a big policy priority. All in the family!